JT Huether Commits to West Virginia

JT Huether of CBU 2025 Scout Team Stofsky commits to the University of West Virgina! JT is a 6’2″ athletic RHP/UT from Fort Myers, FL, the Canterbury School. We are proud of you JT! #REDHATNATION

CBU Youth Tampa Tryouts

CBU Youth Tampa Tryouts are almost here! Sign up today via the button below: CBU Youth Tryouts Tampa

Zev Salsberg Commits to Ohio State

Zev Salsberg, CBU 2024 United Stofsky RHP, commits to the Ohio State University. We are proud of you Zev! #REDHATNATION

Timmy Lawson Commits to UNC

Timmy Lawson, CBU 2024 Scout Team LHP and 1B, commits to the University of North Carolina Tarheels. Timmy will be continuing his athletic career at UNC as a true dual sport athlete in baseball and…

CB-Youth. A New Era

CBU is proud to announce CBU Youth! ‘CB YOUTH‘ is a way for players, existing teams, and even existing organizations to come under the CBU umbrella. As we continue to expand CBU geographically, it has…

Summer 2023 Tryouts at Florida PG Headquarters

CBU will be holding our 2023 summer team tryout in Florida Perfect Game headquarters: Fort Myers, FL. This event will be covered by multiple outlets such as Perfect Game, PBR, Prospect Select, Diamond Pro Media…





Red hats are unique to CBU. Not everyone has them, but EVERYONE who does has earned them. They represent a completion of our goal at CBU: A player extended his academic and atheltic career to the next level.