#Red Hat Nation


Red hats are unique to CBU. Not everyone has them, but EVERYONE who does has earned them. They represent a completion of our goal at CBU: A player extended his academic and atheltic career to the next level.


During times of adversity or uncertainty there is a special breed of player, some may refer to him as a “dog”, ready to put in the necessary level of effort to achieve the ultimate goal. A common player with uncommon desire to succeed. Forged by failure, he stands alone through many sacrifices made throughout his youth to become the player that he always dreamed of becoming. Through the support and many sacrifices made by his family, he now wears a “Red Hat”.

Through original thought, and the first to create this symbol in the travel ball era. CBU created the “Red Hat” as a symbol of commitment for the team of the players chosen. By wearing the “Red Hat” the player bears the responsibility to represent not only CBU, not only his family but now his chosen school. The player that wears the Red Hat knows that it is not only an opportunity to play at the next level but a privilege to continue to play this great game.

CBU expects each player that is in possession of the Red Hat to lead and to be led. To lead by example in every aspect, both on and off the field. #RedHatNation #DoYouCBU