Our Mission



To continue the development of high school players to be prepared for the demands of High School and ultimately College/Pro baseball. The program will build on specific baseball skills required for success at the high school/college/professional level while simultaneously learning and applying the best mental training and conditioning practices for healthy strength and speed development. This will be done in a professional, disciplined, competitive, and measured atmosphere with professional technologies and elite coaching.

Our Guys

We recruit student athletes from all over the region that are exceptional people and players that exhibit excellent attitudes and excel in the classroom as well. #JustDoU

Our Program

The CBU organization expects a team oriented attitude that is displayed on and off the field. CBU will target excellent competition and will showcase in some of the nation’s top baseball events. CBU not only chooses the player but the player’s family. CBU believes that the success of the player and the program begins away from the field. This program is modeled after professional organizations, with emphasis on service before self, integrity, teamwork, discipline and dedicating themselves to be a better version of themselves between the chalk lines year round. Playing for CBU gives student/athletes the experience of traveling all over the east coast and playing baseball. #JustDoU